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Foods that can help you heal

by admin

What are healing foods

Be it a simple cold and flu or a serious ailment, the food you eat during the illness plays an important role in your recovery. These foods not only provide you but a dose of that are helpful in gaining full strength. Plus, if you eat these foods regularly you are doing away with the deficiencies that you might have got during the illness.

What is Healing Foods

This eating plan is focussed on the consumption of whole foods and replacing all kinds of processed and refined foods. It’s based on three principles: throwing away those fats, choosing sustainable meat sources, and replacing grains and refined sugars. Adopting these 3 principles is quite easy and it does not involve complicated rules and regulations. To help your body recover faster, here are 10 such foods that you must included.


It’s a natural antibiotic and can be used where there is a long persisting issue of skin allergies. It requires a long usage of antibiotic medicines and you can consider garlic as a natural alternative in place of those heavy medicines.

Leafy Vegetables

These are the best alternatives when it comes to wound healing. Dark and leafy vegetables like collard, spinach, and even broccoli are rich which can actually help if you have been losing blood. They also builds bones tissue while protecting your wound.

Unripe Bananas

Banana is a super food about which many people don’t know! It is said that the green or unripe bananas are good. Green banana is full of electrolytes and can encourage good bacteria in your tract.


Berries are known to be super-rich that can stimulate collagen’s production which further heals your wound. They are also known to have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties with a rich dose of antioxidants.


If you’ve had an operation recently, then you would require more power to recover your body faster. Eggs play an important role in that as they are known to have highly absorbable. It also has essential that your body requires.


Salmon is considered one of the fishes and it is loaded with various minerals. Various studies have proven that can reduce inflammation while promoting wound healing. However how much salmon should be eaten daily is something that you should consult with your doctor.

Nuts and Seeds

To recover faster from any illness, eating nuts and seeds is the topmost choice. You can have nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans to complete your requirement. Not just that sunflower seeds and hemp provide enough fuel to your body to recover faster.

Sweet Potato

It’s one of the sources of that which is equally important in recovering quickly. Sweet potato is loaded with minerals and that can heal your body faster. Some of the carbs have certain enzymes that can help in repairing your wounds. If you do not consume enough carbs, there might be a chance of delayed recovery.

Foods to lower blood sugar naturally

It is the most crucial part of the journey to regulate blood sugar, While other factors like weight, genetics, stress and activity level play a role in determining blood sugar, following a strict is imperative to keep blood sugar spikes in control. Did you know that mother nature provides a bountiful of foods that can naturally reduce blood sugar. Here are 10 out of them.

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